We present some sample wget commands below to demonstrate an alternative way of accessing our engine. Quoting is done as required by Windows, Linux versions will be less picky in this regard.


We highly recommend using curl, wget does not have all the functionality you might need. Using wget is not officially supported, the samples below are provided as is and will not be kept up-to-date (though it is expected that wget will not suddenly change its syntax).

Get all repositories

wget --header="Authorization: Bearer <<TOKEN>>" https://sandbox.xill.io/v2/entities?scope=children

Get the children in a repository

wget --header="Authorization: Bearer <<TOKEN>>" https://sandbox.xill.io/v2/entities/5a184d0207903113023b5aaa?scope=children

Get an entity

wget --header="Authorization: Bearer <<TOKEN>>" https://sandbox.xill.io/v2/entities/5a184d0207903113023b5aaa/SANDBOX.md

Get an entity's content

wget --header="Authorization: Bearer <<TOKEN>>" https://sandbox.xill.io/v2/contents/5a184d0207903113023b5aaa/SANDBOX.md

Create an entity

wget --header="Authorization: Bearer <<TOKEN>>" --header="Content-Type:application/json;charset=UTF-8" --post-data="{ \"kind\" : \"File\", \"original\" : { \"name\" : { \"systemName\" : \"newfile.txt\", \"displayName\" : \"newfile.txt\" } }, \"modified\" : { \"name\" : { \"systemName\" : \"newfile.txt\", \"displayName\" : \"newfile.txt\" } } }" https://sandbox.xill.io/v2/entities/5a184d0207903113023b5aaa?scope=children

Update an entity's contents

wget --header="Authorization: Bearer <<TOKEN>>" --header="Content-Type:application/json;charset=UTF-8" --method="PUT" --body-data="updated file content" https://sandbox.xill.io/v2/contents/5a184d0207903113023b5aaa/newfile.txt

Alternatively you can also upload the contents of a file using "body-file" rather than "body-data":

wget --header="Authorization: Bearer <<TOKEN>>" --header="Content-Type:application/json;charset=UTF-8" --method="PUT" --body-file="<<FILE NAME>>" https://sandbox.xill.io/v2/contents/5a184d0207903113023b5aaa/newfile.txt

Create a folder

wget --header="Authorization: Bearer <<TOKEN>>" --header="Content-Type:application/json;charset=UTF-8" --post-data="{ \"kind\" : \"Folder\", \"original\" : { \"container\" : {\"hasChildren\" : true}, \"name\" : { \"systemName\" : \"myfolder1\", \"displayName\" : \"myfolder1\" } }, \"modified\" : { \"container\" : {\"hasChildren\" : true}, \"name\" : { \"systemName\" : \"myfolder1\", \"displayName\" : \"myfolder1\" } } }" https://sandbox.xill.io/v2/entities/5a184d0207903113023b5aaa?scope=children