XDE stands for Xillio Distributed Environment. The XDE connector connects to this scalable distributed environment and provides acces to a selection of Xill based connectors. 

For a list of systems that is supported through our XDE connector, please see the documentation on the XDE connector. For more information on Xill, see the article: What is Xill?

If you want to setup a XDE connector, you need to provide both the connections details for XDE as well as details for the repository you want to connect to. The connections details for the actual connection are set in the additionalConfig field:

  "name": "ACME connector",
  "configurationType": "Xde",
  "config": {
    "username": "user",
    "password": "my secret password",
    "tokenUrl": "http://xde.xillio.com:8081/oauth/token",
    "clientId": "xde_client",
    "clientSecret": "client_secret",
    "baseUrl": "http://xde.xillio.com:8082/xde/xps/api/1.0/projects/acme-connector/robots",
    "additionalConfig": {
      "acme_user": "user",
      "acme_password": "password"

What parameters you need to specify in the additionalConfig field depends on which connector you want to use. See the documentation on the XDE connector for more details. Contact Xillio support for the connection details for XDE.