You can submit a support ticket via To use the self service support portal you can also sign up for an account in our support system via

In certain cases it might be beneficial for Xillio support to (temporarily) get access to your tenant to test scenarios that assist us in the problem analysis. You can create a user by doing a post request to the create user endpoint:

POST /v2/users

You can use the following payload as the body of the post request. Make sure to specify a secure password for the password field. 

    "username": "xillio-support",
    "displayName": "Xillio Support",
    "roles": [
    "password": "<specify a secure password here>"

With the above roles Xillio Support can read and write your configurations and content scripts and read data and content from the configured repositories. If you have a problem with creating or updating metadata or content you should also include the "ENTITY_ADMIN" role. If you have a problem with user management you should also include the "USER_ADMIN" role.

When the problem is resolved you can use the delete user endpoint to remove the user:

DELETE /v2/users/xillio-support

This will completely remove the user from your tenant and withdraw any access of Xillio Support to your tenant or data.